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It’s Mango Season!

Have you ever had a juicy tree-ripened mango? Be sure to find one when you come to Maui!

our mango tree

When we bought our house, we planted a dwarf mango tree. Somewhere along the line the tree forgot that it is a dwarf and has been growing like crazy. After its first five years in our yard, this year we have a deent crop of mangos. If only they were ripe.

For some reason our tree ripens about 2 months after others here in Kihei. However, the good news is that the mangos don’t all ripen at once but rather over a 3-4 month time period. Perfect! We have several months to enjoy our fruit.

Did you know, some people are allergic to mango skin? It has the same chemical compound as poison ivy. If this is you ~ I feel so sorry for you!

Since my mangos are far from ripe (it’ll be another month or two), I’ve sourced mangos from a friend. They are delicious. If you are in Kihei and would like some, I can tell you where to find them. He sells them for $2/fruit (cheaper than Yee’s which is $3.50/mango). Please, don’t buy your mangos at Costco or even the grocery store… treat yourself to a local-grown tree-ripened mango! You won’t regret it!

How to cut a mango

First set the mango on end. It is a narrow long pit so you cut parallel to the fruit.

slicing into the mango

Cut alongside the pit on both sides.

here I am holding the piece with the pit

Score each half of the mango, then push in at the center while pulling the edges down. You can either eat it like that, or slice the mango cubes off the peel.

here you can see one half scored, the other half has been ‘pushed out’. In the back is the piece with the pit (cut the fruit around it)

Lucky me ~ I enjoyed this delicious breakfast candy this morning! Only two mangos left…

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My breakfast candy…

Our mango tree has been blessing us with about one ripe mango a week since July. Why is it still producing fruit four months after it started? I have no idea. It’s not like we’ve had that many mangoes to begin with, maybe 30 in all (the tree is just 5 years old). But we have been enjoying every single one (okay, we shared a few, but not many).

This afternoon I picked about 7 of them as they seem to be ripening more rapidly now. I am very curious to see if the tree will bloom again in February like it did this year. I know Sig has big plans for pruning it… I am dead-set against it. These mangoes have been amazing.

our home grown mangoes

Where is the best place to get mangoes? I would go to a farmers market and carefully sniff your way through them til you find some that smell mango-ey. That’s my rule of thumb with most fruit – if it doesn’t smell like the fruit should smell, why bother? Yee’s Mangoes on South Kihei Road (just a little North of Longs) has amazing mangoes – and you will pay accordingly, but they are the best.

How to cut a mango? I wrote about that a few months ago – check it out (with pictures). It’s super easy!

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My late-blooming mango tree

As you may recall, our mango tree bloomed later than all the other mango trees around Kihei, or so it seemed to me. My friend brought us wonderful mangoes off her tree months ago (in May), in the mean time, I am sitting here, still waiting for my late-bloomers to ripen. She admitted to me that her giant tree which towers over her house STILL has mangoes ripening. It’s been like 3 months now. That’s crazy. I guess it kind of makes sense, our tree continued to bloom for a month or so, so I assume our mangoes will ripen over the course of a month?

We had several stages of blooming (it went on for over a month), and the first ones are turning yellow-orange and starting to smell like mango. I couldn’t wait and picked one, letting it sit in the bowl on my counter overnight. This morning the amazing smell was too much and I cut into it. Yup, it’s as good as I remember it from TWO years ago (remember, the mango tree had a stand-off with Sig last year over a severe pruning). The mango is AMAZING.

Yes, I’m saving 1/3 of the mango for Sig to enjoy! What do you mean I should share fairly?

our 5 year old mango tree. Not a huge harvest, but more than two years ago

the mango on the left is almost ripe

the mangos on the left will be ripe sooner than the reddish ones
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Mango update

As reported a few months ago, the stand-off between Sig and our mango tree has come to an end. Sig brutally pruned the tree after our last harvest (two years ago). It was supposed to be a dwarf mango after all. Then the tree balked and focused on growth instead of fruit last year. It is now way bigger than it had been prior to the pruning. This February even I was starting to suggest replacing it with something else. Apparently the tree overheard my thoughts on the matter and decided to bloom after all.

We have a fair number of mangos growing on the tree, and even more blooms! I’m so excited! This variety is amazing!

Baby mangoes – roughly 2 1/2 inches long, and a mango bloom right behind it.

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Finally – Mango Blooms in our Yard!

Four years ago we planted a dwarf mango tree. Unfortunately, the dwarf mango tree forgot it was a dwarf mango tree. So after our first crop of amazing mangos (I think we ended up with ten or so), Sig went a little crazy on the pruning. He chopped off half the tree. Well, close.

Last year there was a show-down, and the mango tree showed him who was boss. No mangos, and instead the tree more than doubled in size.

This caused Sig to take it to the next level – threatening to chop down the young tree if there was no fruit this year. His plan would be to replace it with a proper dwarf mango.

Kihei’s neighborhood mango trees have been blooming for the past month, some with fruit forming, and a few others with fruit ripening (they must have bloomed in the fall). I’ve been waiting patiently, reminding myself that two years ago our mango tree bloomed in February, not January.

Guess what I found today? Mango blooms! Maybe the tree is taking Sig’s threat seriously. I’m thrilled! Looks like we’ll have fruit this year!

mango blooms!

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Our first home-grown tree-ripened mangos

Our baby mango tree had a number of mangoes this spring… a few fell off prior to ripening, so we lanai-ripened them. They did ripen and turned out pretty good, but I’ve been impatiently waiting to taste them TREE-ripened! Finally was able to pick two of them the other day. Yesterday we sliced them open…. oh my goodness…. so good!

sweet juicy mango!

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Pineapple growth update

I know you’ve been wondering… Here are a few pictures of what my pineapple plant is up to today…

new growth out of the old plant

new growth with two babies at the bottom. I need to figure out how to replant those

another Maui Gold pineapple top ready for planting

my mangoes are FINALLY ripening – any day now, I think

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Pineapple update

Since cutting off the slips underneath the pineapple, the pineapple has grown. The fruit is about 5 1/2 inches tall, the crown another 3 1/2 inches. Looking good!

Not to be outdone, our first crop of mangos are coming along nicely (I have no idea how much longer these will be til they ripen). I am sure enjoying watching the fruit in our yard grow!
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