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Coming later this month…. a new website!

Have you been wondering why our website is just a tad out of date? There is a new website in the works! I can’t wait! While I love the look and design of our current website, the new site will incorporate this blog (there will be an automatic re-direct in case you have us bookmarked, so you will definitely be able to find us) and give me the ability to update and change things, even announce specials directly on the website (currently you have to go to the VRBO listing to see them)!

I’ve spent the better part of this morning uploading information into the new website for my web-designer to massage into place. It is looking great and thankfully I am starting to get the hang of the data-entry!

For now, on our current website click through to the individual VRBO listings for the most up-to-date information, pictures and rates. I’ll announce our new website once it goes live, hopefully by end of December!

Sunset at our Kihei Surfside condo!
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Last minute Special at our Palms at Wailea condo!!

This has now been BOOKED 🙂
I can’t believe Dec 9-19, 2015 has not booked yet at our newly renovated 2 bedroom 2 bathroom Palms at Wailea condo.

Stay 7 nights at $199/night plus cleaning and tax ($1750), or if you prefer a shorter stay (5 or 6 nights are $239/night plus cleaning and tax). Considering Christmas season ($400/night) begins Dec 16th, you could be saving up to $900 on your stay!

Book now for an early family Christmas present 🙂


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New Kihei Surfside pictures!!

I am excited to show off our new pictures! They are now uploaded to our website.

The entire Kihei Surfside building was shut down from May 4-October 31, 2015 for an extensive exterior renovation. This past month we also gave Kihei Surfside #405 a facelift – fresh paint, new carpet, new window coverings, a new sofa and fridge. And now – new professional pictures, special thanks to our friend and photographer Steve Strand (and his drone!!). If you are looking for professional family portraits or real estate photography, do give him a call. He is great!

Enjoy the pictures!! We hope to welcome you to our condo soon!

Welcome to the Kihei Surfside #405


You can admire the stunning ocean view from the living/dining and kitchen area


Our kitchen was remodeled in 2012. We’ve painted and replaced the carpet this fall


I love the art in this condo – the two paintings in the center are by one of our long-standing repeat guests


How about this view (and some whale watching) while eating breakfast?


Guests regularly comment on this comfortable Cal-king sized bed


Another shot of the bedroom with a peak into the adjacent ensuite


Your ensuite


Two shared bbqs for Kihei Surfside guests to enjoy


The large lawn next to the Surfside is leased and maintained by the Surfside. Take a chair to your favorite ocean front spot!


Floor to ceiling windows and new glass lanais update the look of the Kihei Surfside!


Aerial view of the Kihei Surfside! Keawakapu beach begins just to the right of the parking lot.
Aerial view of Keawakapu beach – the first of several Wailea beaches that connect via the Wailea beach walk.


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Kihei Surfside blessing and re-opening

This morning we had a special blessing and re-opening ceremony at the Kihei Surfside. After being shut down for 6 months, the building has officially reopened. Work included extensive concrete and rebar repair (spalling), replacement of windows and lanai rails, painting etc. Over the next few days or weeks individual owners will be prepping their condos and re-opening them for occupancy. Our condo is more or less ready – the blinds will be hung today, then we will continue the deep clean and set up. First post-construction guests arrive on Wednesday!

In the mean time, here are some pictures from today’s blessing.

Welcome back to the Kihei Surfside!


Kihei Surfside up close – love the floor to ceiling glass paneling


The pool looks refreshing – it’s warm today!


Paddle boarders traveling past


I love how close this building is to the ocean


Our three musketeers, General Manager Kate with office staff Jamica and maintenance guy Matt. They have done tremendous work throughout this 6 month project!


Board President Ken thanking Kate for overseeing this project!


Parking lot side of the Kihei Surfside


GM Kate with the Kahu from Keawala’i Congregational Church in Makena


Blessing the maile lei


Blessing the owners and contractors/workers in attendance (ti leaves and salt water)

Mahalo to all!

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Palms at Wailea #503 pictures

A special thank you to our photographer friend Steve Strand of Steve Strand Photography. If you are looking for family portraits (and now also real estate photography), we highly recommend him!

These pictures have not made it onto our website or VRBO yet, so enjoy this sneak peak!

Our first post-reno guests have arrived. Phew, it’s been a busy 7 weeks, I am glad it’s done 🙂

Welcome to our condo #503, the spacious living and dining room


Fully stocked kitchen, just add groceries!


The master bedroom – we have had many compliments on this comfortable bed!


Master bedroom with ensuite which includes laundry


Newly remodelled ensuite with huge walk-in shower
The second bedroom has two twin beds which fold into the cabinetry (Murphy beds) when not in use


The second bedroom with one of the beds folded into the cabinetry (Murphy bed)


The newly remodeled main bathroom


Shower detail
This condo has a huge wrap-around lanai that spills out onto a large lawn with an oceanview at a distance
Your personal brand-new bbq


a great place to unwind after a day at the beach!


looking at our building from the lawn (ours is the downstairs condo)


Looking to our condo from the parking lot (our entrance is behind the stairs)


The private entrance to our condo
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Sneak peak at our Palms at Wailea remodel

I stopped in at our Palms at Wailea condo which is currently being remodeled. They have the new ensuite shower tile up (we’ve removed the bathtub and are putting in an oversized shower with shower seat). It’s looking great! The condo is scheduled to be ready for our October 30th arriving guests. I can’t wait to see it completed, cleaned and all set up again!

By the way, this condo is still available for someone to vacation Dec 9-19, 2015 (7 night minimum).



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Sneak preview of Kihei Surfside #405

After five months of being closed for rehabilitation Kihei Surfside is on its way… the scaffolding on the lower floors for the 2-13 stacks (the whole building except the ends) is coming down, the scaffolding for the 1 and 14 stacks will still remain until the work there has been completed.

We’ve been busy inside our condo also…. the painter has been busy putting a fresh coat on the walls and trim, new carpets were installed yesterday, today the new windows were measured for new blinds, the new couch is being delivered next week. We’ve been busy, slowly ticking off items on that to-do list.

After five years I still can’t get over this view. The new windows allow us to enjoy it even more!

One more month until Kihei Surfside opens up to guests again! I can’t wait!

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Are you allowed to invite guests to your vacation rental?

Interesting question…. different vacation rental owners have different rules about this one.

From a guest’s perspective… you are on vacation, your friends or family are on Maui at the same time and you want to have dinner or hit the pool and hot tub and enjoy an evening together. I get it. Eating out as a group can be expensive and cumbersome, and potlucking at the condo is much cheaper and easier.

From a neighbor’s perspective… you are looking forward to enjoying the peace and quiet of your condo after a busy day at the beach or sight seeing, when you hear a group of people loaded down with food and beer knocking at the neighbor’s door. They look like they are obviously settling in for a longer visit. Great. How long til quiet hours start? Where’s that number to call security?

From the owner’s perspective… the guest has signed a rental agreement, agreeing to rules and promising to take good care of the condo. The owner has agreed to a certain number of people staying in the condo and has priced the stay accordingly (more people means more wear and tear, increased power and water usage etc). The resort has limits on number of occupants per unit (typically two per bedroom, sometimes two per bedroom plus two on the living room sofa). The resort most certainly also has disturbance/noise regulations. And of course the insurance policy has limits too.

So how do you find a balance between the guest’s wants and owner’s needs?

Here’s my perspective for my condos, but if you are staying at another owner’s condo – please check with them or their rental agency.

1. Overnight guests – You are not allowed extra overnight guests. Only the people listed in the rental agreement at time of booking are allowed to stay overnight in the condo. Small children and infants are included in the head count (from experience with my own, they are usually messier than adults).

2. Daytime guests. I don’t mind if you have guests over once or twice per week of your stay, but subject to the following:

  • You keep a low profile. Keep extra noise to a minimum, don’t disturb the neighbors. One extra family roughly the same size as the family staying in the condo – fine. If the neighbors complain to the resident manager, office or me, extra guests will be asked to leave immediately. How embarrassing! 
  • The person who signed the rental agreement is responsible that everyone follows rental agreement rules and is respectful of our condo. Your security deposit is at stake. Also, please do not leave children unsupervised in our condo.
  • Please clean up after your guests. If they have used every single towel in the condo, please run a load or two. Always take all trash and recycling out. Sweep out or vacuum the sand.
  • If you take things from my condo to another condo or the pool, please make sure you bring them back. When there are several families renting several units at the same resort, things ALWAYS go missing such as cutlery, serving dishes etc. They are impossible to track down.
  • Pool usage with guests. Again – keep a low profile. The resident manager, office and security personnel have the authority to end your gathering, so keep it under control so other guests don’t complain. Make sure everyone in your group is following pool rules regarding noise, splashing, balls, glass in pool area etc.
  • If you are warned and the home owner association issues a fine due to a house rules violation, this fine will be passed on to you. If you are disrespectful and definitely if I get complaints, you will also be placed on my own Do Not Rent list. The majority of our guests are welcome back, but in five years there are a number of guests who have made it onto this list, mainly due to disrespectful behavior or excessive cleaning. (I prefer to avoid the confrontation of telling guests they made this list. But they certainly don’t get to stay again.)

What are some alternatives for getting together with friends?

1. Pack a picnic and meet up at a beach park! Have you seen how the locals have parties of all kinds at Kamaole III beach park? What a great idea! There is no fee, just show up early to get a spot in the shade or with tables. Remember, alcohol and smoking are prohibited at all County beaches and beach parks.

2. Reserve the party area/kitchen at the resort you are staying. Check with the front desk on how to do that.

3. Take turns visiting at your friend’s condo. You host one night, get your friends or family to host another night at their place. It is fun to check out other complexes.

We want you to have a great vacation and the last thing I want to do is be a party-pooper. Please be respectful of our property and have a wonderful vacation!

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Tsunami Watch after Major Chilean Earthquake

****UPDATE: According to MauiNow the tsunami triggered relatively small up to 2.2 ft waves at Kahului harbor that came in approx 18 minutes apart. For more information check out this article. Reminder, please stay out of the ocean for a few days.

****UPDATE: This has been changed to a Tsunami ADVISORY. An advisory means that no major tsunami is expected at this time. There may be some fluctuation in ocean levels. However, the main thing to keep in mind is this: STAY OUT OF THE OCEAN FOR A FEW DAYS. Why is that? Tsunamis mess with ocean currents and get things in the ocean all riled up. There is increased risk of being swept out and also of shark attacks as they are also affected by this change to their environment. STAY SAFE! 🙂 And do keep an eye on the news until tomorrow morning.****

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has issued a TSUNAMI WATCH for the Hawaiian Islands following a major earthquake off the coast of Chile. If memory serves me correctly, the last tsunami to hit Hawaii was also generated by an earthquake off the coast of Chile.

What is a tsunami watch? This is just an alert, stating that tsunami waves MAY have been generated by the earthquake. Since it’s just happened, it is much too early to know for sure. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center will continue to monitor the buoys stationed around the Pacific and update once they know more. Due to the distance between Chile and Hawaii, any potential tsunami waves won’t arrive until after midnight sometime.

What should you do?

Most importantly stay calm. Keep an eye on the news (MauiNow, MauiWatch, HawaiiNewsNow). Check to see if you are in a low-lying area and need to evacuate. If you are staying at our Sugar Beach and Kihei Surfside condos, you are in the evacuation zone. If you are staying at our Maui Kamaole or Palms at Wailea condos, you are in the safe zone.

If you are in the evacuation zone, prepare your ‘go kit’ to evacuate to higher ground. Check with the front desk where the recommended evacuation zones are. I have emergency preparedness information in a binder in each of our condos – read it! Re-fuel your vehicle. Be prepared to evacuate when advised/ordered by Civil Defense.

Check out my blog post from April 2014 for tsunami information.

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