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Traveling with young kids? What are the child seat laws in Hawaii?

Hawaii’s Child Passenger Restraint Law requires children under 4 years of age to ride in a child safety seat. Children 4 through 7 years old must ride in a child passenger restraint or booster seat. The only exemption is if the child is over 4’9, weighs more than 80 lbs, or if the vehicle has only lap belts in the rear seat.
Violators are required to appear in court. If convicted, violators are required to attend a 4 hour class and may be assessed a penalty of $100-$500 depending on the number of offenses.
Of course, the most compelling reason for using a child passenger restraint is the safety of your child.
By the way, it is mandatory for all passengers to wear seat belts, front and back seats. And, sitting in the back of a pickup truck is technically legal but only if all seats in the truck cab are filled with passengers and only for passengers aged 13 and older. I personally think it’s a really bad idea, but it’s ‘survival of the fittest’, I guess.
Some car rental companies offer child safety seats and booster seats for rent. I personally have never rented one. There are just too many what-ifs, such as – has it been in an accident, and when was it most recently cleaned?
Yes, you can pick up booster seats for cheap at Kmart and Walmart, but… how are you going to get there without car seats? Dairy Road is a pretty busy road, at least by Maui standards. Your best bet is to just bring your car seats from home. Airlines will check car seats (and strollers/playpens) for free (up to three items per child). 
A few years ago I was at an intersection in Kahului when a convertible (yes, one of those popular blue Ford Mustangs) with the top down pulled up next to me. The car was completely full of passengers, the trunk full of luggage. One of the adults in the back seat had a two year-old sitting on her lap. No car seat, not even a seat belt. Yikes. Don’t do that, please.
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Great flight deals for September and October right now!!

I still have availability and deals at two of our condos (Sugar Beach and Palms at Wailea) this September and Maui Kamaole for October…

Out of curiosity, I ‘kayaked‘ flights (searching flights on Kayak) from Vancouver to Maui… I had just had an alert come through Tripadvisor that United had flights from Vancouver for $421 (of course, those involve a layover in LAX if you don’t mind taking the scenic route)… Imagine my surprise when I found DIRECT flights for $428!! With Westjet! That is an unbelievably great rate! Makes me almost wish we were booking a family trip back to Canada for next month – I don’t think we’ve ever flown directly into Canada that cheap (I’m usually thrilled with $600/person).

So, if you’ve been holding off…. now’s a great time to fly! Check your flights and check our dates!

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Deals on flights!

Hawaiian Airlines has just posted a sale on their flights (August-November 2013), starting at $342 return from San Jose (taxes in). Nice!

Allegiant Airlines is up to its tricks with good prices also – $325 return all in from Bellingham WA. However, I heard that Allegiant was talking about discontinuing certain flights to Hawaii, such as from Eugene OR, so definitely look into that.

Today is the last day of that Westjet sale I mentioned the other day (for our Canadian friends). Did you know that about half our condo guests are Canadian? Unfortunately Air Canada/United does not fly directly to Maui in the low-season months.

And then of course there’s also Alaskan Airlines to check out.

And it’s low season – shoot me an inquiry, we’d love to have you stay at one of our condos!

how about an early evening stroll on the beach?
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Travel with kids – revisited

In June last year I wrote a blog entry with 10 suggestions to make your flight with kids easier… One month later we got to re-visit some of those lessons with our three year old. Oh boy.

The previous time we had flown with him, I had brought the car seat and strapped him into that. It went so well. So here we were again, and it was a no-brainer… bring the car seat on board for our 5 1/2  hour red-eye flight to Vancouver. He really tried to sleep, he did. For the first hour he tried to sleep. But then he got frustrated and started swinging his feet. Now the car seat didn’t just keep him in his seat, it also brought him three whole inches closer to the seat in front of him. Which was fully reclined because a woman was trying to sleep in it. Kick. I felt so badly for her. I did my best to catch his feet and talk quietly with him, trying to calm him down. But a few kicks did make it to the seat in front of him. And she did glare at me and mutter under her breath. (I’m sooo sorry).

I gave up. Here it was, one o’clock in the morning our time, but I hauled out his brother’s i-touch. He then proceeded to play his Thomas the Train game (thankfully on silent-mode) for 3 hours until he finally fell asleep as we were descending into Vancouver. Yes, I stayed awake too, in case he started kicking again…

You know what I discovered as we got up to get off the plane? There was an empty seat between the lady in front of us and her husband…. It sure would have made my flight easier had she moved a seat over! Ah well.

We de-planed, two sleepy adults, two drowsy (but awake) kids and one dead-weight heavy three-year-old. You know how kids are when they’re completely out? They don’t even pretend to hold on to you when being carried, so you absolutely need both hands to balance them. We also had the car seat, his stuffie, our hand luggage, his backpack… a stroller would have been nice, but we’d left that at home…

Was the flight worth it? Absolutely! We wouldn’t have missed visiting our family and friends! How was the flight back? Much better, thank you for asking! We checked the car seat with the luggage, planned for his being awake, packed plenty of toys and snacks to try to keep him busy for the flight home.

Will we do it again? You bet! And guess what – he’ll be a whole year older on his next flight. Every year it gets easier… you just have to plan! Don’t skip out on a fun family trip, just make sure the trip is long enough to be worth the effort!

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