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Support Hawaiian language education on Maui!

Did you know there are two official languages in Hawaii? English and Hawaiian. Just a few decades ago, the Hawaiian language was a dying language. In 1978 Hawaiian became the second official language in Hawaii (the only State to have two official languages) and there has since been a renewed push to revive Olelo Hawai’i (the Hawaiian language). There are Hawaiian language immersion schools, children in public schools have Hawaiian culture/language classes… Even so, there aren’t that many people who can speak it fluently.

Hawaiian language
the 29th annual Ho’omau – supporting Hawaiian language on Maui

This Saturday, March 19th, go to the Maui Botanical Gardens in Kahului to get steeped in Hawaiian culture and support Hawaiian language education on Maui!

Maui’s only Hawaiian language preschool (Punana Leo o Maui) is hosting the 29th annual Ho’omau – an event which features Hawaiian music, crafts and demonstrations. There will be a live and silent auction, ono (good) Hawaiian food, keiki (kids) games etc.

Tickets are $10 presale (available at U’i Gallery, Native Intelligence and all Minit Stop locations) and $15 at the gate.


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Another fun Maui artist – Beth Cooper!

Have you ever bumped into someone you know in a completely different setting? I tend to compartmentalize my friends and acquaintances – then I when see them in a different place, it honestly confuses me, often I don’t recognize them…. how embarrassing! (If I’ve done this to you, I am so sorry).

Beth Cooper art
Beth Cooper with my new acrylic painting of Kamaole III beach park!

This afternoon we were browsing the Lahaina Art Society Fine Art Fair under the Banyan tree, when all of a sudden – boom! There was someone from the ‘condo compartment’ of my brain selling her beautiful paintings in front of the Old Lahaina Courthouse under the Banyan tree. Fortunately my brain made the connection and I recognized her – Beth!

We checked out Beth Cooper‘s table and I bought a beautiful acrylic painting of Kamaole III beach park with Kaho’olawe in the background. I love it! I have just the spot picked out for it in one of the condos…. but…. we’ll see, it may stay at our house.

Beth is a local artist (and outrigger canoe paddler/surfer/art teacher) and specializes in oil paintings. There is something for every budget – from originals to prints to note cards to shower curtains (!!). Check out her website!

The Lahaina Arts Society is an organization that showcases and trains local (Maui) artists. They have two galleries in the Old Lahaina Courthouse, and several times of month host Fine Art Fairs (featuring their artists) under the Banyan Tree! The next fair is Sunday Dec 27th – yes, Beth will be there!

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The best bakery on Maui!

I’ve been told Komoda’s Bakery in Makawao is the best bakery, and very particularly that they serve the best malasadas. But is it true?

komoda display case

komoda display case

What are malasadas? They are Portuguese donuts and come either plain or with a filling of sorts.

I’ve driven by Komoda’s (on Baldwin Avenue, the main road leading down the hill) several times, and a few weeks ago went in to check it out. Unfortunately it was already two in the afternoon and there wasn’t much left. Go early! The store itself is a hole in a wall. Don’t let it deter you! And bring cash – I am not sure if they take credit card.

Komodas Bakery
Komoda’s Bakery in Makawao

Today I poked my head in at 9am. Oh yum. These are available ready to go (room temperature) while the Home Maid Cafe in Kihei makes them while you wait (hot). The guava-filled ones and also the ‘malasadas on a stick’ are so ono (delicious)!

komoda maladas
Two types of malasadas – guava-filled and ‘on a stick’
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Maui Rum and Ocean Vodka

Tonight I picked up a few groceries at our local grocery store, Safeway. Maui Rum (one of my favorites) is currently on sale for $18.99/bottle. Their dark rum is very good, as is the gold, but tonight I found a new to me Maui rum – a Pineapple Flavored Rum. Normally I don’t like flavored liquors, the ones I’ve tried have tasted fake. But this bottle proclaimed it to be flavored with Maui Gold Pineapple…. so I had to try it! It is really quite nice.

At the end of the aisle was a display of Ocean Vodka, locally produced vodka made from organic sugar cane and deep ocean mineral water. If you haven’t toured their farm and facility, do. It is really quite interesting.

Now check out this lei! Rather than a traditional flower, kukui nut or shell lei, you could buy an Ocean Vodka lei 🙂 It has two mini bottles of vodka and two shot glasses, together with some plastic orchids. I can think of several of our friends who would prefer this to a flower lei 🙂 I couldn’t find a price-tag on it. I suspect the ABC store or Whaler’s Village probably have these in stock too.

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New book in Toby Neal’s Lei Crime series

Bone HookMaui author (and therapist) Toby Neal has just published her latest book in her Lei Crime series. I really enjoy this crime series, set right here in the Hawaiian islands, talking about life in the islands, writing about local problems. If you enjoy mysteries, check out this series!

Her latest book, #10 in the series, is Bone Hook. This book picks up five years after the previous one (Rip Tides), and sadly Lei’s marriage is in trouble. I was so disappointed about that, I’ve been routing for Lei and Michael, and while they’ve had their problems, I was so hoping they would work it out.

Disappointment about the fictional characters’ relationship aside (really Cara!), this is one of Toby’s best yet! And don’t worry about that cliff-hanger ending…. the next book, Red Rain, is scheduled for release just after Christmas! I can’t wait!

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Phillip Sabado art rug

For the past few months I have been searching for the perfect area rug for our Palms at Wailea condo living room area. There are many area rugs out there, but I wanted one that was tropical, colorful and at the same time would hide stains.

In my search I wandered into the Pictures Plus/Plus Interiors store on Dairy Road in Kahului. There in the front of the store was a stunning display of area rugs. Absolutely stunning! One of the sales people started telling me about the carpets. Turns out, they are one of a kind – made from a local artist’s paintings. The artist is Phillip Sabado, a Wailuku artist.

Here is the new carpet in our condo. I love it! I am told you can also find his carpets at Lifestyle Maui.

Phillip Sabado art rug
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Made in Maui County Festival – this Saturday!

This Saturday the Maui Arts and Cultural Center is holding its second ever Made in Maui County Festival! There will be over 130 different vendors represented, all of which have their headquarters on Maui County (Maui, Molokai and Lanai). A minimum of 51% of their products’ value must have been added in Hawaii. This makes it sound like these are ‘big business’. Actually, a lot of these are mom and pop operations, and so cool!

I went to this event last year. What a great place to do some Christmas shopping! I love buying local when possible, and what an event to showcase locally made products!

The public is invited Saturday, November 7th from 8-4:30pm on the lawn (outdoors) at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center. Admission is $5/person, children 12 and under get in free. There will be vendor demonstrations, a fashion show, food trucks, prize drawings etc.

If you’re on Maui – check it out! Last year it rained (I picked up an umbrella at the Foodland nearby). Despite the rain, there were over 9400 people in attendance. It was awesome!

For more information – check their website.


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Curtis Wilson Cost gallery and lunch at the Kula Lodge

It’s been a long hot summer. We’ve broken at least 50 daytime high records here on Maui with weather in Kihei averaging in the low to mid 90s and I am seriously jealous of all you mainlanders celebrating the first week of fall and crispness in the air. Yes, I guess I am missing the change in seasons.

So yesterday Sig and I took an upcountry drive (up Haleakala) to cool down a little and went to the Kula Lodge for lunch. In all these years we’ve never stopped there. They have beautiful bi-coastal views, lunch was okay, the wait staff friendly. But the best part was the Curtis Wilson Cost gallery downstairs.

Looking out the open door at the Curtis Wilson Cost Gallery with the Kula Lodge pizza oven to the right.

If you haven’t been, go! The Upcountry Maui magazine always prints one or two of his paintings. He specializes in realism and capturing the light. He has some beach scenes, but a lot of upcountry scenes, some with upcountry’s famous purple jacaranda trees. They are just stunning! I picked up a small print of his latest painting (Keokea Picnic) for our house and a set of greeting cards.

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Learn to Cook Breadfruit!

Here’s something unique to do on Maui next week!

Learn to Cook Breadfruit with Chef John Cadman,
Owner of Pono Pies and Maui ‘Ulu Hummus (I wrote about his pies last month – soooo ono/good)

When: Wednesday, September 16 and Sunday, September 20 from 11am-1pm
Where: Whole Foods Market, Kahului

“Anything you can do with potato, you can do with breadfruit… better!”

Ho’oulu ka ‘Ulu is a project to revitalize ‘ulu (breadfruit) in Hawai’i. Breadfruit vs Potato is co-sponsored with the State of Hawai’i Department of Agriculture. For more information about breadfruit, check out these two websites:,

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Did you know the owner of Snorkel Bob’s is a Pulitzer-nominated author?

We have a subscription to the Sunday paper. I’m not exactly sure why. I get most of my news online. I admit to being a holdout and still having CBC World News, a Canadian news agency, as my internet home page – I like getting world news and the local news stations have little of it. Facebook’s MauiNow is my main source for Maui related news, and then in the evenings we’ll sometimes watch HawaiiNewsNow‘s 10pm newscast on TV. But Sig has this Sunday paper deal going with the MauiNews. The kids enjoy the comics, I will look through it, but usually by the time I get to it, it’s a few days old.

I finally got around to looking through the paper yesterday – and guess what I found? An article on Bob Wintner, the owner of a popular snorkel rental shop here on Maui – Snorkel Bob’s. Turns out he’s also an author and activist. I have not read any of his books, but just might have to check him out at our local library.

You learn something new every day!

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