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Sleepover Time at our Sugar Beach Condo!

Once a year we try to stay in our condos. It’s a really good practice to stay at your own vacation rental and many owners do this when they come to Hawaii on vacation. It’s a great time to pick up on things that need maintenance, fixing, improving etc. Yes, we go into our condo between each booking, tackling repairs as they are reported/we notice them, and doing things on our regular maintenance schedule, but some things you don’t notice until you actually use it.

In my head I know it’s a good idea, but in practice it is extra work – it means that I have to pack up our family’s stuff, go there, sleep there, then completely clean and prep the condo for the next guest in addition to tackling the new to-do list. It’s the weekend, and I was feeling energetic, so we had a sleepover at our Sugar Beach condo before I changed my mind 🙂

We picked up dinner-to-go from Safeway, some ready-made ribs, fresh bread and a lemon meringue pie for desert and ate at the condo. Unfortunately things didn’t go quite as planned time-wise and we ended up eating dinner during sunset in the condo. Ah well. I had hoped to walk the beach at sunset. Then off to the pool we went, first to cool off, then to sit in the hot tub. We met and visited with two couples in the hot tub, one celebrating an anniversary, the other on their honeymoon. We chatted with them for a bit, then Sig went home (he doesn’t appreciate these sleepovers) and the kids and I went back to the condo.

Oh my goodness, the bed we bought last year is so comfortable. I’ve been getting positive reviews from guests on it, but it was nice to try it myself too!

Do I have a hunny-do list for Sig and I? Yes! Nothing big, but a few things I noticed that we will address in the next few weeks between bookings.

By the way, we still have some openings at our Sugar Beach condo this fall! You too can come try that comfortable bed and walk the beach at sunset!

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Check-in and Tree Trimming at our Sugar Beach condo

Yesterday was a check-in day at our Sugar Beach condo. Cindy had already given me the ‘all clear’ after cleaning the day before. Sig had already been in to get the lanai door screen back in its track (the previous guest had knocked it off track – it happens).

So I drove over with my trunk full of goodies. I always carry a big Costco-sized jug of laundry soap and fabric softener in the back of my car so I can refill the condo jugs for our guests. Why have a washer and dryer if you don’t have soap, after all. I also had with me a supply of condo pens and paper, a few guest mac nuts (plain salted, chocolate and garlic & onion – try the garlic & onion, they are really good!), a starter pack of coffee, rags for random wiping, air freshener (sometimes guests fry up the last of their bacon the day they leave – that smell is hard to knock out). I looked around, checked the TVs to make sure they were set to TV mode (nothing like having to figure out how to switch the input right off the bat, though we do have instructions in the instruction manual in the TV cabinet). I checked the guest book (happy guestbook entry, mahalo!), placed the new towels Cindy had asked for in the bathroom cabinet. I double-checked the safe (we once had a guest forget a wedding band in there, oops!).

As I was leaving I snapped a picture of the palms being trimmed in the parking lot. Have you ever wondered why they need trimming and how they do it? Certain palm trees shed their spent palm fronds (they come crashing down on their own, hopefully not hitting a car or person below). These trees need to be manually cut. Also, all coconuts are removed (also for safety reasons – guide books will actually warn you to NOT sit under a coconut palm, those are high up and they pick up speed and power when they fall down and land on your head). One of my kids actually asked for a palms-climbing set a few years ago. It just looks like fun!

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Any Canadian ukulele fans out there?

The Maui Ukulele Festival is coming up, this year on Sunday, October 11th! Why am I calling for Canadian ukulele fans? It’s the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend (our Sugar Beach condo is currently available that week).

A friend has been telling me about the ukulele festival, how they make it a family affair, bringing a blanket, games, ukuleles, participating in the group lesson with Roy Sakuma! In fact, my friend’s daughter won a high-end ukulele as a door prize last year. I am looking forward to checking this out!

Oh yes, and admission is….. FREE!

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Summer Specials!!

Looking for a getaway? Maui is on sale 🙂

We have some availability at three of our condos. Check it out!

Our 1 bedroom 1 bathroom ground floor Sugar Beach condo is on sale at $139/night plus cleaning and tax for new bookings for all remaining dates from July 6-Sept 30, 2015.

Sugar Beach condo living room

Our 2 bedroom 2 bathroom ground floor Palms at Wailea condo has some availability August 19-31. Ideally I am looking for a 10 night stay, or a one week stay starting August 20th or ending August 30th (so that we can maybe fit two bookings). Discounts will vary depending on how well your booking fits this opening.

Palms at Wailea condo master bedroom

Our hugely popular 1 bedroom 2 bathroom ground floor Maui Kamaole condo has a fair bit of availability this summer and we are renting it out for a record low $145/night plus cleaning and tax for all remaining dates before September 18, 2015.

Maui Kamaole condo living room

Why so much availability you ask? I purposefully didn’t take any bookings for this month as the lower pool which is nearby is getting a new pool deck and I wasn’t sure just how loud it would be. The loudest part (blasting) has been completed, now they are cutting and laying quartzite tile. After spending some time in the condo, I am happy to report you can’t hear the construction noise as long as windows and doors are closed (we have a/c). Construction is taking place 7 days a week 8am-5pm, after which you can open the windows and doors and enjoy the oceanview lanai. And yes – there is a second pool a short 2 minute walk away, so you can still enjoy a pool and hot-tub.

So what do you think? Is a Maui trip in order? Check the availability calendars and give me a call at 808-281-7934.

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Spring into Summer Special!

How are you celebrating the start of summer? We have an opening at our ground floor on the beach Sugar Beach condo in Kihei!

This condo sleeps up to four guests, one bedroom (plus pull-out couch), one bathroom, fully stocked kitchen, complimentary internet and North America long-distance (much loved by our Canadian guests). We supply good quality linens, towels, beach gear (boogie boards, chairs, cooler, beach towels)…

Our Special deal is $135/night plus cleaning and tax. That comes to $1185/week. Give me a call!

How about a quick Maui getaway? Could be fun!

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Ululani’s Shave Ice at Sugar Beach

Yesterday we had an opening between bookings at our Sugar Beach condo. There is some maintenance work Sig needed to do before the next arrival, so he dropped the kids and I off at North Kihei’s shave-ice store (Ululani’s). I’ve heard that this local chain serves some of the best shave-ice on the island, but in all these years have never tried yet. Yesterday was our day.

The line-up was long. But we were in the shade, so it could have been worse.

Turns out, the line-up was worth it. It really was amazing shave-ice. Not crystal-y like it often is, this was very smoothly shaved ice, it was more creamy than ice-y. I tried the No Ka Oi flavor combo (mango, coconut, lilikoi) – it was amazing. I love all the colorful picnic tables with holes in the table-top to balance the color-ful shave-ice cups.

With our shave-ice in hand, we crossed the street and walked about a block along beautiful Sugar Beach back to the condo complex, enjoying our shave-ice and the view.

We rounded out our day with a sunset swim at the beautiful Sugar Beach ocean-front salt-water pool and hot-tub.

Just perfect!

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March opening at our Sugar Beach condo!

I’ve had a cancellation at our Sugar Beach condo. This is good news for you – it means we now have March 21-April 1 2015 open! So how about it? How about a Maui trip?

This is a ground floor one bedroom one bathroom condo (sleeps 4) in North Kihei’s ocean-front Sugar Beach Resort. While our condo faces the courtyard, you are 50 steps from the beach, 30 steps to the ocean-front salt-water pool and hot-tub. This is our kids’ favorite pool! And you know, end of March is still great whale-watching!

This condo is centrally located, only 20 minutes from the airport, a great starting place for your Maui adventures. Then after a day of adventuring, enjoy sunset at the ocean-front bbqs!

sunset at Sugar Beach!

Check out our listing on VRBO for more information, reviews and to book!

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Stay-cation Research trip

Our family went on a little stay-cation this past summer. We drove an hour to west Maui where we had rented a beautiful 2 bedroom condo at the Honua Kai at the end of Ka’anapali. Call it a research trip. This is a five year old building, condos renting at double what our nicest condo at Palms at Wailea rents for (and that in off-season). Sig has drooled over this building for the past year, and I finally insisted we needed to stay there before we got too serious.

the beautiful condo we rented on VRBO at the Honua Kai

From the moment we walked in the door, Sig was walking around, looking at finishings, details, appliances, ‘what do they have that we are missing?’ etc. I was trying to get all the frozen items from our cooler into the freezer, as he was pulling me away to read a label (the type was too small), or ‘check this out!’ Within the first minute upon arrival I realized this trip was going to be a write-off. Condo research supreme. And you know what, that’s fine. They had nice pools for the kids, our condo had a stellar view, and since Sig can’t relax or just sit, he might as well do something for the condos.

So yes, this condo has some beautiful features. And we’ve taken pictures, made notes and will consider if and how we can incorporate some of them in our properties.

our late afternoon view was gorgeous

It also is missing some key things.

Like hooks or a drying rack. As a family of five, we came back from the pools/beach and had no place to hang our wet swim suits and beach towels. You are not allowed to hang them on the lanai (thankfully, it would look incredibly tacky to see everyone else’s beach gear on the lanais), but there are no hooks and too few towel rods in the bathrooms. So we put them in the dryer, which took 2 1/2 hours to dry four towels – it was a fancy condensation dryer since the building does not have proper dryer ventilation. Wow – I groaned inwardly at the thought of the owner’s power bill.

But Cara, what about at your condos, you ask? Our condos have either retractable hotel-style laundry lines in the bathtubs (perfect for hanging dripping swim wear) or collapsible clothes racks (or both). Please be considerate when using them indoors and set them up on tiled areas only (not carpets or laminate flooring).

Looking back from our condo into the courtyard.
This is definitely apartment living with little privacy

We loved the condo, but what would have made it perfect? Something to do in down-time, when you’re taking a break from the beach/pool. Like DVDs, or books, a stereo or some games.

We loved having a restaurant (Duke’s) on site, and having a convenience store and gym in the building were definite perks.

Parking was complicated (in the basement parkade of the other tower) and there was a daily charge for parking (our condos have parking closeby and it’s free). And instead of keyless entry (which our condos have), we had hotel-style cards to enter the building and our condo. A bit of a nuisance and an extra thing to forget.

All in all, it was fun to get away and be a tourist, even if it’s just an hour’s drive away. But, it is an hour’s drive away from South Maui. And while we loved the complex, we have after much consideration decided not to purchase at this property.

Many of our guests appreciate our being hands-on owners, just a short drive away from our properties, able to help when needed. A one hour drive (and that’s without traffic delays) is a little far away to be hands-on.

Ah well. If you are looking for a place on the west-side and have money to spend, do check it out. It was wonderful. If you like a little more privacy, less busy-ness at more reasonable rates, do check out our condos.

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